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June 2002Mephisto and the Empty Box

by Lynda L. Hinkle


The cover took me back in time.

I was in my Great Aunt’s attic, rifling through old paperback books… dusty pulp fiction with warm rich color on the cover.

The comic itself is black and white and the art reminiscent of the golden age of MAD Magazine.

But the story… the story is unnerving, dark, disturbing. It wraps itself around you like a late night fog. A newlywed couple is separated when a magician’s trick makes the bride disappear, right before the magician himself is killed, taking with him the secret of bringing the bride back. The groom is left to figure out how to make her reappear, how to make the magic box produce his better half. He is haunted, as you will be, by this comic.

Creators Jason Hall and Matt Kindt have had quite a year, their graphic novel Pistolwhip and Mephisto and the Magic Box, a 24 page one shot, being named year’s best alternative comics by Time Magazine and Wizard Magazine. And things are looking up. Singer/Jensen Entertainment has optioned the comic to make a feature film. Writer Michael Browning (Six Days, Seven Nights, Bad Company) has already been hired to write the script. Meanwhilte, Hall and Kindt are working feverishly on a second Pistolwhip graphic novel, The Yellow Menace.

It remains to be seen if a film of Mephisto is “a good idea”. Much of its evocativeness comes from the art, the creepy imagery….such things can be reproduced in film but…will they be?

Don’t wait for Hollywood to make this comic popular. At $3.95, go be cool now.

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